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Massachusetts Conex Box Sales & Rentals

If you are looking for a low price new or used conex box in Massachusetts, then you've come to the number one destination. Budget Conex Box makes it easy to find all sizes and types of connex boxes in Massachusetts, so whether you want a 10' unit or a custom 40 ft high cube, we've got you covered. has a solid reputation in Massachusetts for delivering quality containers at affordable prices, while receiving high ratings for customer satisfaction.

Massachusetts Conex Box Dimensions & Sizes

How much do conex boxes for sale in Massachusetts cost?

Conex box sales in Massachusetts start at around $2,000 for wind and water tight WWT boxes and go up to more than $4,500 for new, one trip boxes. Costs vary depending on condition, current inventory and size needed.

How much does it cost to rent a conex box in Massachusetts?

Conex box rental in Massachusetts costs $99 for small containers and up to $175 for larger 40ft boxes. This is just the monthly rate and does not include delivery fees, which are usually about $100 each way.

What are conex containers used for in Massachusetts?

There are tons of different uses. Some architects construct conex box houses, many construction companies use conex storage containers in Massachusetts for on site storage, and transportation companies use conex shipping containers in Massachusetts to transport goods.

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